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Hello and Welcome to Hilbornes Traditional Sweets  Portsmouths leading sweetshop

Hilbornes Traditional sweets was born on the 17th march 2012 and our home was 223 Albert road Southsea for the first 4.5 years of which we grew rapidly and was a very strong competitor in the sweet market 

We at Hilbornes pride ourselves with one of the largest selections of traditional sweets in the Portsmouth area with quality Traditional sweets and  top quality customer service as standard.

With over 350 jars of retro sweets to choose from there is guarenteed something for all tastebuds

We have recently added 80 lines of our very own branded sweets that we have made for us here in the uk these sweets are not your average high street kind of sweets these are bursting with flavour and are proving to be a hit with customers young and old why not give them a try ..... we will be adding these to our online shop 

We also have a large selection of American sweets and drinks and we can assure you we have the largest selection of american candies available in the  portsmouth area we also make american sweet hampers for that special someone in your life all at reasonable prices we pride our gift range as a quality personalised gift ...

Old-fashioned Sweets In Portsmouth direct from the sweet shop that delivers yes we deliver direct to your home... one of the first original company’s to do Sweet deliverys  ... delivery service is available via our facebook page or buy your goodies on here and we will deliver the same day

We also range a vast selection of sweet hampers -sweet cones -party bags etc 

Sweet cones are £1.25 Party bags are £1.50 and our hampers start from as little as £5.00

Hampers are made to your budget requirements 

Delivey information PLEASE NOTE ,,,,

Free SAME  day local delivery only complys to all orders placed before 4pm all deliverys will be between 6pm and 10pm daily.... local delivery areas covered are as follows



Drayton,Havant,leigh park,

Rowlands castle,Horndean,Clanfield,


Portchester,Fareham and Gosport

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Now you can buy your favourite sweets from our online shop in the above menu and take advantage of the FREE local delivery 

A Fantastic Sweet Selection I bet you buy something

Aniseed balls and bulls eyes to sherbert pips, rhubarb and custard and sherbert lemons to sweet peanuts! jelly sweets and pick and mix the list is endless 

In the not too distant future we reckon we’ll be able to guarantee that we’ll have the best selection of traditional sweets in Hampshire that’s if we haven’t got it already 

Our Sweets are sold in pounds and ounces but priced as per 100g so therefore getting more for your money ...........

Hilbornes stock a large selection of American sweets and drinks which are available instore or online, we think we have The largest selection across the south coast 


Kind regards

kevin warne
13. Nov, 2019