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Welcome to Hilbornes traditional sweets Cascades Portsmouth shop The home of Quality Sweets and American Candies And Drinks all at rock bottom prices,




Free SAME  day local delivery only complies to all orders placed before 5pm and that you fall within the catchment area and that you spend a minimum of £5.00



Deliverys will be delivered between 6pm and 10pm daily so you must to be in to take delivery within this time slot,



All deliveries are made up into a round so therefore the furthest you are away from our shop the later it will be,



Times may vary depending on how busy we are but a guideline is set out below

6pm - 7pm Southsea/Copnor/Stamshaw

7pm -8pm North end/Cosham/Drayton


8pm - 9.30 pm Leigh park/Havant

Portchester/Fareham and Gosport 


Your Full address is required along with your postcode and a contact phone number please ensure you let others in your household know that we are delivering you will be suprised how many people tell us they didnt order anything,



If you are ordering outside our free local delivery area, See Catchment area above we will be placing a standard £2.95 per shipment to contribute to our courier costs,



Thankyou and we look forward to receiving your order,